RV Tip: Accessing The Internet While RVing

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to handle internet access while RVing. In fact, because many jobs now allows people to work remotely and many families are choosing to RV full-time, work remotely, and homeschool, the need for internet access while on the road is increasing.

The good news is that today more than ever you have options when it comes to having access to the internet while RVing.

Mobile Hot Spot

mobile hot spot while rving

Many mobile carriers allows you to turn your phone into a mobile hot spot. This means that your laptop or iPad can borrow data from your phone’s plan. Some companies charge for this and others don’t, so make sure you check with your mobile phone carrier. Additionally, using your phone as a hot spot can eat up data pretty quickly, so if you don’t have much data to start with it probably isn’t a great idea to use your phone (or you might have to upgrade).


iphone while rving

If all you’re looking to do is check emails and send pictures to family it might best to rely on your smartphone and skip getting an extra internet package. Today’s phones are lightning fast, take amazing pictures, and are super easy to use. When you’re at a campground with wi-fi you can also connect your phone to it. Talk to other RVers to see what they rely on as far as smartphone models goes and then use that information to make the best choice for you.

One thing to note about relying on your smartphone is that if you do a lot of off-the-grid camping you may not always have signal.

Satellite Internet Access

Satellite internet access offers you a reliable, albeit it sometimes slower than other methods, internet access solution. This is really something that people who camp in obscure, far away places should consider, particularly if you absolutely need internet access for something like work.

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