Folding Pop-Up Campers: The Perfect Blend of Versatility and Safety

Folding pop-up campers are the perfect option for those people who are just starting to take camping trips. It is not quite a tent that sits on the ground that you can get wet in, but it’s also not a large travel trailer or fifth wheel. It is somewhere in between, and many people have found numerous reasons that the pop-up camper is the best option for them. Take a look at the many benefits that comes along with it to see if it is right the RV for you.

Folding Pop-Up Camper
There are so many benefits to having a Folding Pop-Up Camper!

One of the main benefits to getting a folding pop-up camper is the size. These options are much smaller than other RVs, and that, in and of itself, has some advantages. For example, when a folding camper is not in use, it will be around four feet tall and not very wide, so storing it will be a breeze. The compact size also makes it incredibly easy to tow by a small truck, SUV, or even a sedan, so no need for you to buy a new vehicle just for your RVing trips.

Another benefit that comes with a pop-up camper is the price. Due to the smaller size, these campers will be much more affordable than a full-sized RV. This way you can get the protection of a recreational vehicle for a much lower price. However, this is not the only area you will save money if you choose to get a pop-up. With the lower tow weight, you will barely notice that you are pulling anything and neither will your car. Therefore, you will get better gas mileage and will not have to fill up nearly as much.

Folding Pop-Up Camper Interior
With the convenience of a tent and the safety of an RV, a Folding Pop-Up Camper is a perfect blend.

If you are just starting out in the RVing world, then you might find it easier to afford a folding pop-up camper. We, at Gayle Kline RV, have many pop-ups available, so feel free to contact us to ask any and all questions you might have. You could also just come by our location to take a look at all of our pop-ups, travel trailers, motorhomes, and more, so you can start joining in the RVing lifestyle!



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